Syn.: Orchis robertiana Loisel., Barlia robertiana (Loisel.) Greuter, Barlia robertiana lusus candida Soó, Himantoglossum robertianum f. candidum (Soó) F.M.Vázquez, Orchis foliosa Masson ex Ker Gawl., Orchis fragrans Ten., Orchis longibracteata var. gallica Lindl., Himantoglossum robertianum f. gallicum (Lindl.) F.M.Vázquez,… Číst více

Clusia rosea – Autograph tree

Pitch Apple, Florida Clusia, Balsam Apple, Wax Apple

Family: Clusiaceae

Description: A tropical tree that stays green all year and is valuable for its beauty and many different uses. The leaves are shiny… Číst více

Indian long pepper, Thippali (in Ayurveda), Balinese pepper, Bengal pepper, Javanese long pepper

Syn: Piper roxburghii (Miq.) J. Presl, Chavica roxburghii Miq., Chavica sarmentosa Miq., Chavica longa H. Karst.

Family: Piperaceae

Description: The plant produces small, cylindrical… Číst více

Syn: Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume, Cinnamomum aromaticum J. Graham, Cinnamomum leptopus A. C. Sm., Cinnamomum zeylanicum Breyn.

Family: Lauraceae

Description: A small evergreen tree has oval-shaped leaves that are leathery and shiny. The leaves are arranged alternately on… Číst více

Kamansi (also spelled camansi), Ulu, Kada Chakka, fruta de pan

Syn: Artocarpus altilis var. non-seminiferus (Duss) Fournet, Artocarpus altilis var. seminiferus (Duss) Fournet, Artocarpus communis J. R. Forst. et G. Forst., Artocarpus incisus (Thunb.) L. f., Artocarpus incisus var.… Číst více